Some items we offer:
  • Interior Stairs (concrete pan, checkered plate, bar grate, etc.)
  • Dock Stairs (checkered plate, bar grate, etc.)
  • Platforms
  • Ornate Fencing
  • Pool Fencing
  • Ornate Rails (mesh panel infill, scrolls, designs, finials, etc.)
  • Standard Rails (multi-line pipe, pipe/picket, channel/picket,
  • Ladders (caged & non-caged, elevator pit, roof access, etc.)
  • Security Items (gates, doors, window guards, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous (bollards, lintels, edge angles, framing, etc.)
 In house services:
  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Shearing
  • Bending (forming)
  • Sawing
  • Welding (carbon steel)
  • Torch Cutting
  • Painting

Other services:
  We also work very closely with a
few other shops offering services we
currently do not offer "In House".  
  • Rolling
  • Plasma Cutting
  • Welding (aluminum)
  • **Shearing
  • **Bending

** (beyond our "IN HOUSE"
Do you require a
service or item not
listed here?  If so
please fill out the form
on the
"Contact Us"
page & we will do our
best to accommodate
your needs.

Our Services
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